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credible mind


Pathways to a Healthier You is providing a free online mental health resource to help those struggling with a behavioral health issues. This is a website that provides tools, assessments, and local mental health information through articles, podcasts and videos.


All information covering over 240 topics on the website, such as sleep and work-life balance, are vetted by psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors. It is not meant to be a replacement for professional in-person help, but as a tool to find information. 


One of the best parts about this new tool is a user can take an assessment for things like anxiety and depression. Based on the score, the user will be advised to use certain resources and tools on the website. After using those suggested resources, the user can take another assessment and see if the tools are improving their mental health. All information submitted to the online resource by residents is confidential.


Visit Credible Mind today!

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