Duncan High school youth coalition



To empower youth with the tools to develop strategies aimed to reduce and prevent substance abuse among youth in Stephens County.


Our Goal:

  • Our Coalition’s current goal is to decrease vaping in the high school by 5% by the end of the 2022 school year. 

  • Our overarching goal is to reduce substance abuse among youth and provide the community with prevention education and awareness.

  • Our members meet on a weekly basis taking actions to reach their goal.


2019-2020 Projects in Progress:

  • Presenting to the City Council for support to modifying alley loitering city ordinance policy to include community service and fines for kids caught in alleyways vaping, smoking and drinking

  • Modifying school policy to include stricter consequences for repeat offenders who are caught vaping, smoking and drinking on our around school property during school hours

  • Educating peers on the dangers of vaping

  • Visiting elementary schools to speak about prevention



  • Speaking to Civic, youth, churches and other groups to bring awareness of the challenges in Stephens County

  • Fundraising to help purchase vape detectors

  • 4/20 Community Event

  • Red Ribbon Week Event

  • Kick Butts Event

If you would like to help their efforts, or are a student at Duncan High School interested in joining you can contact Onreka Johnson at ojohnson@wmpn.org or at 580-355-5246 ext. 103.