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health Plans

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is intended to serve as a vision for the health of the community and a framework for organizations to use in leveraging resources, engaging partners, and identifying their own priorities and strategies for community health improvement.

The goal is that with constant and focused effort, a wide range of public health partners and stakeholders engaged in assessment, planning, and action will be able to document measurable improvements in the selected health priorities in the upcoming years.


This CHIP is in no way meant to detail all of the health issues of our counties, nor is it able to offer information on all of the excellent programs and initiatives that are taking in our communities. This CHIP is, however, an action-oriented strategic plan that outlines the priority health issues recognized for Jefferson and Stephens Counties from the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment. Its main intention is to provide an overview of how these issues will be addressed in the next three years.




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