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Behavioral health committee

The Behavioral Health Committee’s purpose is to create goals, objectives and strategies around access, mental health, substance abuse, suicide and behavioral health stigma.


Community Activities:


  • Provide opportunities for people to dispose of unused or expired medications.  Take Back Days

  • Provide a detailed behavioral health resource directory for the community


  • Provide QPR suicide prevention training to healthcare providers, schools and other lay members of the community


  • With community partners, conduct compliance checks regarding alcohol sales to minors


  • Conduct Mental Health First Aid classes to community partners including physician offices, schools, other behavioral health specialists and the general public.


  • Continue to promote the Stop the Stigma campaign regarding the misconceptions surrounding those suffering from a behavioral health issue.


Several subcommittees have been formed to work on specific topics:

  • RX Workgroup

  • CIA group

  • Opioid Task Force

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