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During the spring of 2012, the Stephens County Health Department and Duncan Regional Hospital collaboratively engaged community partners and advocates to assess the health of Stephens County through a Community Health Needs Assessment. A committee encompassing the diversity of Stephens County was formed to ensure county-wide representation and participation.  In 2018, Jefferson County joined the mission of Pathways for a Healthier You.


Pathways for a Healthier You is comprised of business and industry, local government, coalitions, education, community and civic organizations, public health, health care, and other entities working together.


In 2018, Jefferson County joined the mission of Pathways for a Healthier You.

Jefferson County Hospital hosted four community meetings between May 12, 2015, and June 16, 2015.  The Oklahoma Office of Rural Health facilitated these meetings. Community members in attendance at these meetings included:


  • Jefferson County Health Department

  • Waurika Public Schools

  • Local bankers

  • Local business owners

  • Retired individuals

  • Waurika newspaper

  • Local pastor

  • Waurika Chamber of Commerce


Average attendance at the community meetings was 15-20 community members.  Two community meetings were incorporated as part of the local Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Community members were sought for their deep understanding and overall concern of their local community.  Representatives from the public health sector were included to provide insight into what they see from a public health perspective of community needs.

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