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Gary's Story

See Me #1 Gary

My life during my alcohol addiction was out of control, to say the least; I was always looking to numb the pain. The pain of my past hurts that were not in my power, and my current self-inflicted agony of the "Cycle-of-Addiction."

My turning point was when my daughter called three months before my first Grandchild was born and said, "You will not see this baby or me while you're a DRUNK!

My life is hectic; I've made some decisions I would like to have back. I am learning and growing every day with support from friends, family, and partners, which I love very much. I try to give back to the community as much as I can and maintain healthy relationships.

For anyone needing help, I understand your struggles, and please know that "When the pain of your addiction is greater than your pride of getting are ready to "begin" the healing process!”

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