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  • Hui Hui Lee, RD/LD

Happy 2024: Be a better YOU today than yesterday



Happy New Year to all my friends out there! Hope you all are doing well. Whoa, we all made it through 2023! In 2024, let’s try to be a better us than yesterday (don’t compare yourself to others, but to yourself yesterday). Whatever you went through in 2023, let’s move on and leave your past in the past, we start new again this year. I do have one goal for you, my friends, this year (2024) how about we try to focus on ONE change of your unhealthy eating habits (from last year). It can be anything, such as eating breakfast, being a mindful eater, eating more veggies and fruits, trying something new, etc. I am always here for you as your guide for this (healthy eating). Almost all of us have heard about healthy eating previously, and everyone seems to have something to say about it, so do I. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to share with you what a SUSTAINABLE healthy eating plan is.

Sustainable healthy eating should be:

  1. A lifestyle: An eating plan that you can commit to (and still enjoy) for an extended period of time (for lifetime).

  2. It should consist of most of the main food groups: fruits, vegetables, protein foods, and dairy products.

  3. Practice mindful eating: Paying full attention when eating, by engaging all your senses, and acknowledging your responses, feelings and physical cues such as hunger and fullness (Willard, 2022). This helps you to achieve the goal of eating in moderation!

  4. Balance your meals: Using MyPlate approach.


  1. It can be as easy as 1-2-3: If you follow tips # 1 thru #4.

  2. It can be budget-friendly: if you plan carefully. Choose seasonal fresh food, use unseasoned frozen products, and use cost-friendly ingredients.

  3. It fits everyone's diet: no matter who you are, what food preferences/experiences you have, you can adopt your own personalized sustainable eating plan.


I always believe that all of us are unique entities, we have different backgrounds and experiences about things, but we ALL deserve to have GOOD health. Why don’t we start today to be a wise eater in 2024!!!!

To kick-start our healthy eating 2024, I like to share with you several easy, fun, healthy recipes!


Assorted overnight oats: super simple, flexible on flavors breakfast recipe that you must try at least once in your lifetime. I am surprised how delicious this is! For the recipe, please refer to Life made sweeter.



Made-ahead egg muffins (assorted flavors): If you need something quick and easy, savory breakfast try this egg muffin recipe! You again have full control on the fillings/topping of these egg muffins. The recipe adapted from Life made sweeter.



Chickpea scramble: this is a vegan-friendly protein-rich breakfast recipe. If you are interested in trying, please refer to Feasting at home


Baked spicy shrimp cups: who says you can’t have fun when practicing healthy eating? This is a healthier delicious appetizer recipe I highly recommend for you to try. For the recipe, please refer to Allrecipes.



Instant pot gyudon and/or soy sauce chicken rice bowl: I love my instant pot so much these days! It makes cooking so much easier and faster. These two recipes are easy, delicious chinese-inspired recipes, that we cook everything in one pot! YES, cooking rice and the protein items separately in one pot at the same time! The end result is surprisingly fingerlicking good! If you are interested in trying out the recipes, please refer to Pressure cook recipes: 1. Instant pot gyudon, 2. Instant pot soy sauce chicken and rice.


Instant pot chicken biryani: I have been wanting to try to make this indian-inspired chicken biryani dish for a long time. Just did not find the reason to do it. After I gave it a try, I must admit I regretted not trying this recipe earlier. It is so tasty and full of flavor, but took me no effort in cooking it! I added some raisins in the rice, served with cucumber raita, cucumber slices, and red onion slices. For the recipe, see Pressure cook recipes.


Lemon garlic shrimp pasta: I call this pasta a homemade gourmet pasta! The secret recipe of this recipe is the lemon zest. I really like this recipe a lot! Highly recommend it. Oh, don’t forget to grab yourself a small bowl of salad when eating this pasta (We aim for eating a balanced meal at every meal). The recipe adapted from Feasting at home.



Spicy Mexican Oaxacan bowl: this is one of my many recommended grain bowl recipes! The dish contains many elements but yet super easy to make but yet packs with complex flavors! The recipes adapted from Feasting at home.



Oven-baked salmon bites cauliflower rice bowl: This lunch idea combined two different recipes. The recipe for the oven-baked salmon bites is inspired by Life made sweeter. I referred to Feasting at home for the cauliflower rice recipe.



Stuffed spaghetti squash: This stuffed spaghetti squash is so good!! Not only is it easy, but also satisfying and supremely delicious! I really hope you try this recipe sometime soon. The recipe is inspired by Feasting at home.




Willard, C. (2022). 6 Ways to practice mindful eating. Retrieved from


*Most of the ingredients used for the cooking are sponsored by the DRH food and nutrition department.

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