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It is time for winter squash - Butternut squash

Hello friends! How’s everybody doing? Weather is cooling off these past few days, so I am now ready to try some fall/winter seasonal food! Who is with me here? How about something like butternut squash. I’ve been wanting to try some butternut squash recipes, so please allow me to spend some time (with you) talking about butternut squash!

Do you know that butternut squash belongs to the winter squash family? It is best to enjoy butternut squash during early fall thru winter time. There are many reasons to FALL in love with butternut squash. It is like a superfood, which contains an excellent source of fiber, and is rich in potassium, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, iron and calcium. Butternut squash is not just healthy, it is also extremely delicious and sweet (naturally). Do you need more reason to try butternut squash? Yes, I have one additional reason for you here! Butternut squash is EXTREMELY VERSATILE, you can simply roast it and serve it by itself, or incorporate it in desserts, soups, salads, tacos, pizzas, and even in spicy dishes (like curry).

Now that we understand a little more about butternut squash, are we ready to try some delicious butternut squash recipes (I am about to amaze you with some new, mind-opening recipes)? To be honest with you, there are so many mouth watering butternut squash recipes I wanted to try and share with you here. After a great battle in my mind, I settled with the following seven.

Butternut squash coffee cake: It is the best coffee cake EVER! It is light, fluffy, and packed with fall flavor, which you can eat this cake throughout the day without feeling burnout! This is, so far, the best cake I’ve made that all my taste testers love the most! I, of course, made some modifications to the recipe. Do take some notes from me, if you are going to try to make this DE-LI-CIOUS coffee cake!

a) For the streusel part, SKIPPED the regular granulated sugar (it definitely has good amount of sweetness by just using the brown sugar for the mixture); b) For the cake batter part, only use 1 cup (or maybe lesser) of lightly packed brown sugar, it provides you adequate amount of sweetness for the cake; c) Feel free to add some extra pumpkin spices (or ground nutmeg, ginger) to the streusel and cake batter (they will take it up a notch!)

The recipe is inspired by Ricardo.

Thai butternut squash quinoa salad: It is a vegan friendly recipe, that even our non-vegan friends will love. It is unbelievably easy to make and tasty, and it is also packed with protein! It is best for people who have busy schedules. Give this recipe a try, my friends, I know you will not regret it. The recipe is adapted from Dishing out health.

Sweet and spicy fall harvest pizza w/ roasted butternut squash, cider caramelized onions + turkey bacon: WOAH, it has quite a long name for a recipe, but it does highlight the main ingredients for the pizza. I, personally, think this is a very special (in a positive way) and flavorful pizza, and the ingredients somehow blend in harmony. When I saw the recipe, my first impression was “NO”, but then I changed my mind at last, and told myself it is not going to hurt me to just give it a shot. I am glad that I tried out this recipe, it is definitely a keeper, so I highly recommend you to give it a try! The recipe is adapted from Half-baked Harvest.

Creamy butternut squash butter chicken: I always have “a thing” for flavorful spicy food. This butternut squash butter chicken is definitely my favorite! As the weather is cooling off, I crave more “warm my tummy and soul” food. This is a “somewhat” healthier version of butter chicken recipe, and it goes very well with some naan, a bowl of warm basmati rice, and some onions and cucumber slices. The recipe is adapted from Half-baked Harvest.

Roasted butternut squash chana masala (chickpea curry): This is also one of my favorite butternut squash recipes! This chana masala is very satisfying, not only is it packed with complex flavors, it also FILLS your stomach up with lots of fiber! Just like the butternut squash butter chicken, we pair this curry with some naan, rice, and some onion/cucumber slices. The recipe is inspired by Cupful of Kale.

Burrito butternut squash boats: I like this butternut squash boat, it is a very unique way to enjoy your butternut squash. It is a very tasty and filling dish! It is also super easy to make, and is a foolproof recipe. I packed this burrito butternut squash boat for work the next day, and it tasted even better! The recipe is adapted from Delish.

Butternut squash mushroom tacos with chimichurri sauce: If you are looking for some vegetarian, fall season kinda tacos, this is the recipe for you! This taco has a very good flavor, but not too filling. To make it more satisfying and filling, I highly recommend you to incorporate some Mexican rice/cilantro lime rice/quinoa, seasoned black beans/refried beans, and creamed corn. The recipe is adapted from two peas & their pod. (*NOTE: this taco recipe was actually tried out my our chef, Brendan)

*Most of the ingredients were sponsored by the DRH Food and Nutrition department.

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