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Kids Back to school

To help you with the back-to-school transition, here are a few tips to ease your children back into school life.

Do everything you can the night before

  • Encourage your kids to lay out their school clothes before going to bed.

  • Have kids pack their school bags.

  • If they bring their lunch, have the kids pack their lunch boxes.

  • Ensure bags, equipment, or must-bring items are by the door.

Set the stage for a good night’s sleep

  • Set the alarm for 30 minutes before bedtime.

  • Establish regular bedtime routines

  • Set regular weekday and weekend bedtimes.

  • Remove phones and tablets from kids’ bedrooms.

  • Use night lights, white sound machines, and fans for kids who can’t get to sleep.

Plan for smooth mornings

  • Set your clocks forward 10 minutes.

  • Make sure your kids have an effective wake-up alarm that works for them. No TV in the morning

Serve a Healthy Breakfast

Choose breakfast foods that:

  • include fiber and protein (peanut butter, whole wheat tortillas, egg bakes)

  • contain low-fat dairy (milk, Greek yogurt, and smoothies)

  • rich in carbohydrates (fresh or frozen fruit)

  • low in added sugar (fortified whole grain cereals and waffles)

Celebrate the start of a new school year

  • If you celebrate the first day of school, your kids will see back-to-school as a transition they can enjoy. Take their picture on the first day of school with family and friends. It’s going to be a great year.

Abbie McLemore, APRN-CNP

Ringling Family Care

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