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Personalize your plate

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Hello there! How are you guys doing lately? Is it just me or did February feels like it flew by so quickly (although we all had some rough days last month)? Are we ready for the beautiful spring weather?

(Image credit: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2021)

I noticed lately there are less people coming to the gym compared to January. Instead of quitting, I hope they just found new workout routines and continue to stay active. Just a quick check here with my lovely readers out there, are you guys still practicing healthy eating and find it fun? If yes, you have done a great job and keep up with the good work! I am proud of you! If you are not, don’t give up just yet! How about trying to hang in there? Let’s try to use some of the recipes here, at the same time learning with me the concept of healthy eating.

Many of us get scared and maybe a little annoyed when others try to tell us to eat healthy. I think the feeling of being scared and annoyed is related to not understanding the principle of healthy eating. In the past, I have mentioned multiple times that healthy eating is more like a balanced diet (I like to refer to the MyPlate model), and MODERATION is the key. To successfully make a change in eating habits (long-term), we REALLY need to find the food that fits us (here we take into consideration food preference, budget, cooking skills, medical conditions...).

This year the theme for our National Nutrition Month is Personalize Your Plate. My personal plate is more like the easy meals. This month, I am going to share with you easy, stress-free, and fool-proof meals.

Teriyaki salmon served with steamed broccoli and brown rice: This is a delicious, quick, and easy meal. This meal is packed with protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. If you are interested in learning how to grill salmon, please refer to the Food Network. NOTE: you can make your own teriyaki sauce, but I was just too lazy to make my own sauce.

Pesto shrimp + asparagus + spaghetti dinner: I find myself not able say NO to pesto sauce. A good pesto sauce gives a fresh, herbal, nutty flavor. It pairs well with pretty much anything, like shrimp, chicken, pasta, toast, and more. This month, I made pesto sauce to pair with shrimp and spaghetti, and then I served them with stir-fried asparagus. Before serving, I garnished with some grated parmesan cheese. For the tips to cook shrimp on the stovetop, please refer to Jessica Gavin. For the tips to make a delicious pesto sauce, please visit Cookie and Kate. Personally, I find it is too much hassle to make my own pesto sauce, so I found Buitoni has a great pesto sauce.

Hawaiian chicken wrap: This savory, sweet, tangy chicken wrap is perfect for all seasons. It is an easy to make and easy to pack meal. If you’re constantly on the run, this recipe is designed for you! The wrap basically contains grilled chicken, chopped pineapple, chopped onion, romaine lettuce, mozzarella cheese, barbeque sauce. If you are interested in trying, please visit tastes better from scratch

Peppered steaks with caramelized onions paired with roasted sweet potatoes: If you wish to try some steak tonight, this is a very tasty and simple recipe. It is definitely worth trying it (approved by my friend, Jessica)! The recipe adapted from the Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

Smoky cauliflower chimichurri bowl: Another very flavorful meal that is packed with fiber, protein, and antioxidants. The key of this recipe is the chimichurri sauce. The recipe adapted from Feasting at home.

Tiktok tortilla hack: This is the trendy and creative way to eat tortilla wrap. How to make the wrap is 1. Make a cut from the middle of the tortilla to one edge; 2. Fill the different quadrants with your favorite filling; 3. Fold it into a triangle; 4. Ready to serve or grilled prior to serving. To learn how to fold the tortilla, please visit i am a food blog.

I made four different kinds of Tiktok tortilla wrap hack:

1. Top left corner of the picture: Ground turkey taco meat with black beans + provolone cheese + romaine lettuce + avocado slices + Ranch

2. Top right corner of the picture: Black beans and corn taco filling + shredded cheddar cheese + romaine lettuce mix with shredded red cabbage + vegan cashew cheese sauce

3. Bottom right corner of the picture: scrambled eggs + pepper jack cheese + spinach + crispy hash browns

4. Bottom left corner of the picture: Grilled chicken + shredded cheese + guacamole + spinach

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